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Jean Monnerat
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Since May 2008, I am working for the Certificate Service Provider SwissSign AG. As a Solution Architect in Public-Key Infrastructure, my working activities are mainly dedicated to internal technical developments keeping us on the cutting edge of PKI technologies and to provide tailored PKI solutions to our customers. Before my job at SwissSign, I was a researcher in cryptography in the group of Mihir Bellare at University of California San Diego and I was funded by a grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation. Before joining UCSD, I was a research and teaching assistant in the Security and Cryptography Laboratory at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. During my PhD studies, I co-designed with my supervisor Serge Vaudenay a new undeniable signature scheme called "MOVA" that offers very short signatures. I also hold a master degree in mathematics from ETHZ in Zurich, Switzerland.


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PhD Thesis
  1. Jean Monnerat, Short Undeniable Signatures: Design, Analysis, and Applications EPFL Thesis N° 3691, 2006. [PDF]